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Named for the Cornish words for agency and mediator, Mayn Creative bridges education and industry, offering clients the creative skills and approaches of current and former students, and in turn, allowing them to test, enhance and validate their skills in a commercial environment. Our intention is to support our student contractors in realising their personal value and the value of the skills they are practicing and developing.


how we work

We employ Falmouth University student contractors in 3 tiers:


Unpaid appointments that gives the student contractors and us an opportunity to test our working relationship. Clients are expected to cover any relevant travel costs as well as refreshments if location- based work extends beyond 5 hours. Once it's clear that the working relationship with the student contractor, as well as their management of the relationships between themselves and other contractors, has been positive on one hand and the level of their work is sufficient on the other, we offer them promotion to the next tier.


At this tier, student contractors are signed on to the Payroll and they are remunerated at rates we've set for their specialisms. A result of this is that more is expected of their work and how they manage their time and working relationships. ​​


From the September after a student has graduated, or if they are a current postgraduate student of Falmouth University, they can talk to us about signing on as an Associate. They would be employable by us on projects that require their specialisation and they set their own rates. As they are now professionals, Associates are signed on as suppliers of the university and there is a separate contract they need to sign. Ideally, Associates have been Nominees during their undergraduate years but this isn't mandatory. ​


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